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Past/Present Commissioners

To the Commissioners,

“… the Commissioners shall serve without salary or compensation.” California Harbors and Navigation Code, Section 6251 And largely without thanks, it might be added. There is not room to chronicle the countless hours of time and dedication that the Port Commissioners have provided this public enterprise over the course of its history. They have given wise counsel and nurtured the harbor into what is today a star on the Monterey Bay – a jewel on a jewel. We are richer for their efforts and we are in their debt. We salute the Commissioners. Thank you.

Worth Brown1951-1973
Thomas Twohig1951-1960
Malio Stagnaro1951-1955, 1960-1966
Kenneth Melrose1951-1955
James Leask1951-1973
Donald Falconer1955-1965
Alfred Haber1958-1964
John Boetger1964-1970
Lee Harris1965-1973
Don Starr1964-1974
Norman Lezin1973-1984
Alan Simpkins1974-1985
Ivan Ickes1966-1973
Paul Tara, Sr.1972-1975
Paul Groszmann1973-1977
Warner Wilson1975-1978
Phil Baldwin1977-1978
Sally diGirolamo1977-1977
G. William Domhoff1975-1978
James Hammond1977-1978
William Roth1978-1979
Joseph G. Townsend1977-2002
J. J. Meehan1978-1996
Patty Johnson1979-1983
Bill Lee1983-1995, 2004-2016
Jack Keran1985-1990
Ed Flavell1985-1992
John Bean1990-1994
Don Fraser1992-1995
Bill Geisreiter1994-2009
Ron Merrall1995-2008
Mark Nicklanovich1995-2006
John R. Buchanan1996-2004
Jim Thoits2003-2008
Jeff Martin2008-2012
Toby Goddard2006-Present
Dennis L. Smith2008-Present
Reed Geisreiter2009-2018, 2019-Present
Stephen Reed2012-Present
Darren Gertler2016-Present
Neli Cardoso2018-2019